Refilling cartridges

7Printed documents play an important role in the office life. If the printing quality of the printer has worsened or the printer produces a clean sheet, then the office work gets slower or stops.

What to do?

Nowadays the acquisition of cartridges in the market is not a problem, but it is more expensive than the cartridge refill or repair. For this reason, due to the significant experience and skills of specialists of our company, we ensure the qualitative and efficient service rendering in the sphere of cartridge refill.
We organize the cartridge refill not only in our service center, but also at the customer’s territory.

Also we provide spare cartridges at the customer’s option, so that the operation of printed documents shall not slow down before the specialist’s visit. The works with the cartridges is carried out as with warranty service, that is by paying only for the refill, as well as by paying separately for each spare part. (refill, replacement of imaging drum, wiper blade, etc.)

To get acquainted with the prices, call us by phone number 093444499 or write to the e-mail address [email protected]

Printer repair

1335259487_remont-printer-ekaterinburg1If your printer broke down and you need to take it to the store for repair, leave it on us. Each of our partners shall get a fast and qualitative service.
Nowadays, it is impossible to imagine human life without office equipments, which is often used for different purposes.
Our company is ready to take care for your office equipments with a full package of repair of photocopy machines, fax machines and printers, service rendering by saving your time.
It will be enough to call by phone number 093444499 or write to the e-mail address [email protected] and we will duly repair every office equipment.

Computer Repair

biznes-remont-kompyuterov1Does your computer have a problem? Contact our company. Our skilful specialist shall visit your office or house and shall perform the following works:

  • Diagnostics and consultation for free
  • Computer repair
  • Installation and configuration of operating systems
  • Installation of optional equipments in the computer
  • Amplification of old computers
  • Software help, formatting
  • Virus removal
  • Installation of antivirus software
  • Deleted data recovery, etc…

To get acquainted with the prices, call us by phone number 093444499 or write to the e-mail address [email protected]

Network support

network_21Maintenance and support of networks, servers. Undoubtedly, every modern business uses a local network in its job, and surely comes a moment, when those networks may grow to such an extent, that they become unmanageable, and therefore, bring to more difficulties. In order to construct the system qualitatively, it is required to have an appropriate service network.

Each computer network service needs a professional protection.

Our company offers its customers any type of network protection services. Partnership concept – quick, effective and friendly. We may offer You different variants for collaboration.

  • Remote protection of computers and servers
  • Protection of transmitted data
  • Uninterrupted service of networks and servers
  • Control the volume of available space
  • Web-server control system etc.

All this allows us to provide service computers and servers with օutstanding reliability by having an uninterrupted operating network.

To get acquainted with the prices, call by phone number 093444499 or write to the e-mail address [email protected]